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Hr Software – Screening For Bias

Many small and middle market companies, and virtually all large enterprises use “intelligent” software to screen resumes, search publicly available information, social media postings and Internet histories to compile profiles of potential job candidates. Best Practices for HR software use currently include: Retaining a third party HR firm to screen ethnic,  sex, age, disability, religious… Read more »

Blockchain Technology – Smart Contracts

Blockchain is best known as the technology which underlies the virtual currency, bitcoin. But Blockchain, a distributed database ledger, has potential applications well beyond virtual currencies. Blockchain technology may be thought of as a type of operating system for transactions carried out over the internet. It is a means for storing, tracking, trading and verifying… Read more »

“Modernizing” Sec Disclosure – More Transparency, Accountability?

Transparency The Securities and Exchange Commission recently published a lengthy “Concept Release”1 asking for public comment about whether the business and financial disclosures required in periodic reports and registration statements by Regulation S-K continue to provide meaningful information to investors. The Release is part of the SEC’s response to JOBS Act’s directive that the Commission… Read more »

Proposed Federal Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016

Historically in the U.S., trade secrets have generally been protected by state law under each state’s version of the Uniform Trade Secrets Act (UTSA). The UTSA was published in 1979 in an effort to provide a unified legal framework for protecting trade secrets. A trade secret is a non-public or confidential information which is protected… Read more »

SEC Urged to Make it Easier for Small Companies to Use “Finders” to Raise Capital

Small businesses seeking to raise capital in private offerings using “finders”, and firms brokering M&A deals involving private companies have faced the risk that transactions could be unwound (“rescinded”1), sometimes years later, because of the involvement of “unregistered brokers” in the transactions. Finders In a September 23, 2015 letter2 to the SEC, its Advisory Committee… Read more »